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New Educational Baby Toys

January 18, 2013

Shopping for baby toys can be a fun, yet challenging venture. The toy market is filled with new inventions for infants that aim to improve young children’s learning experiences. Finding the perfect, safe toys that not only provide an educational play experience but also foster infants’ imaginations may be more difficult than it seems. Here are some of the best new inventions for babies that stimulate the senses, foster balance and coordination, and encourage social interaction.

The newly released Lamaze Stretch Giraffe is an educational and engaging baby toy that allows infants to discover their senses by exploring various sounds, textures, and colors. Curious infants can improve hand-eye coordination and build fine motor skills by pulling, squeezing, grabbing, and biting the different parts of the giraffe. Exploratory touches are rewarded with various fun sounds that enhance interactive play. The toy giraffe comes complete with different textured materials, including ribbons, soft velvet, and plastic teething rings for baby’s teething needs.

The Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza is one of Fisher-Price’s new inventions for babies and toddlers. Perfect for tiny hands, this play set features bright, captivating colors, complex winding ramps, and an assortment of colorful balls for sorting, rolling, or dropping. The fun, upbeat music and flashing lights reward children for dropping the colorful balls on the ramps and encourage them to move and dance. Older infants are able to crawl through the attached gate and arch or to insert the balls while standing up. The Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza is great for babies of any age and features modifiable play options for infants who sit, cruise, crawl, walk, or stand that introduce young children to problem solving, object permanency, and sorting skills.

Vtech’s latest invention is the Alphabet Activity Cube that takes babies’ learning experiences to the next level. Five sides of engaging, child-friendly activities encourage babies to stack and insert alphabet blocks, explore musical features, learn about numbers and shapes, and manipulate sliders, gears, and pegs. Infants are able to experiment with mechanical elements or interact with the electronic piano keys and keypad for fun, surprising sounds and lights. The cube is perfect for infants who have begun sitting up or crawling and are able to access all sides freely by themselves. Bright colors, flashing lights, and baby friendly pictures help infants learn about letters, numbers, shape recognition, problem solving, sorting, object permanency, and object manipulation.

Dubbed one of the best toys of the year, the Baby Genius Sing-Along School Bus is a great interactive and educational toy for babies older than 12 months. Designed to educate and entertain young children, the Baby Genius Sing-Along School Bus features many different songs, sound effects, and character voices for interactive play. Young children are able to problem solve by figuring out ways to load and unload the three friendly characters included. Babies will also enjoy learning the words to new songs as their character friends are off to school. The school bus includes a free Baby Genius CD and is a great way to get young children excited about learning and going to school.

A more traditional, less interactive choice for babies is the Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo comprised of wooden ABC house blocks that provide endless possibilities for creative play. Designed for babies over 12 months of age, this wooden block set fosters fine motor skills, problem solving, building and sorting skills, letter awareness, and creativity. Young children are able to manipulate the blocks by stacking to create houses, towers, large buildings, or entire cities. Intriguing colors, shapes, pictures, and patterns will spark young children’s imagination, help them learn about animals and the alphabet, and encourage them to arrange the wooden blocks in new ways each time.

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New Baby Toys

January 4, 2013

The baby toy market has always been competitive. There are constantly brilliant new inventions being introduced to captivate the attention of babies. Here is a list of some of the more popular baby toys that have been released within the past year:

Playskool Rocktivity Walk ‘N Roll Rider

This brightly colored rider is made of molded plastic and designed for babies 9 months and up. It comes complete with a key on the dashboard to rev the engine and a beeping horn. It plays 15 phrases and tunes as it rolls. This will encourage the baby to keep scooting and walking. This has been a popular toy because it is used as a way to teach babies how to walk.

Playskool Rocktivity Sit, Crawl and Stand Band

Designed for babies 6 months and up, this activity arch features 45 activities, sounds and tunes. The baby will learn that each activity they perform will add various sound effects and instruments to the music that is playing. Babies can stand, crawl or sit to interact with the moving pieces and colorful activities on the arch. This toy is popular because it is an excellent way to introduce a baby to music in an interactive way.

Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Designed for babies 6 months old and up, this is a walker that is loaded with many activities to keep a baby busy. There is a panel that detaches and can be played with on the ground. It contains numbers, shapes, music, colors and animals. As the child grows, wheels can be attached to convert it to a walker that the baby can use to take their first steps. It also features a phone, light up buttons, spinners and piano keys. This is a popular toy because of the amount of activities that it contains to engage the baby.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym

New inventions in the play mat area have been abundant recently. Designed for newborn babies and up, this is a quilted mat that has activities and toys suspended from four arches connected to the four corners of the mat. Textures, colors, nature sounds, lights and music will help to stimulate the baby. Growing babies will be encouraged to explore the gym that is overhead. It includes five linkable toys that can be attached in different places on the arches. This will ensure that the baby constantly has new ways to play and be entertained. This is a popular toy because it introduces a baby to many different sounds and music in a safe and comfortable environment.

Baby Einstein Around the World Play Gym

Designed for newborn babies and up, this play gym is versatile and can be used early in the child’s life. It offers dangling toys and a battery-powered sun that can be attached to it. When the sun is turned on, it plays popular children’s songs and flashes lights. This toy is popular because its combination of music and lights keep a baby occupied. It also has a soothing effect on a crying baby. There are sure to be many more new inventions for baby toys around the corner. It is always fascinating to see what these creative minds can come up with.

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How to Invent a Baby Product

December 26, 2012

If you are wondering how to invent a new baby product, but worry that it will take too much time, be too difficult, or cost too much money there are ways to prevent these situations. At the same time, new product development is something that is uncertain. It is quite a risk, much like everything in business. No company or invention can guarantee success. So when you are thinking about how to invent a new product, there are plenty of factors to consider.

For one, companies continue to be more innovative. Therefore, there are people coming up with new invention ideas every day and they are making prototypes as you think about how to invent your idea. That is why it is important to do research and make sure your invention idea is not already on the market. Even if there is a product like the one you came up with, there is always a demand for new or improved products from corporations or individuals with new product ideas.  These products should either solve a problem or improve something and be able to fit in with a certain company’s product line.

For example, if you are thinking about inventing a new baby product, consider some of the newest products to hit store shelves.  One of these products to recently come out is Sock-Ons. Many parents are mystified when their babies are able to remove their socks so easily. In many cases, the socks are gone and never to be seen again. Sock-Ons can prevent this from ever happening again. They are small straps that fit over the baby’s sock, one half around the ankle and the other around the foot. With the Sock-Ons in place, it is impossible for your baby to take off their socks unless you want them to. They are cheap, effective and come in different colors so they match your baby’s outfit. So you basically get a two-in-one product because it is stylish and convenient.

Another new invention for babies is the Buggy-Board, a large attachment for your stroller that is similar to a skateboard. It allows your toddler to hop on to the stroller and hitch a ride while you are pushing the stroller. There are many different varieties of Buggy-Board. Some have a seat attached, although the standard Buggy-Boards are big enough for a toddler to sit on. Most styles can be adjusted so they properly fit your stroller. It would be wise to contact the manufacturer of your stroller and make sure it is compatible with a Buggy-Board before you buy one.

The nursing pillow invention is helping to revolutionize the task of breastfeeding. Studies say that less than 35% of women breastfeed their babies for longer than six months. This is mainly due to the fact that the women find it uncomfortable. Many women suffer from loss of blood circulation when they are holding their baby in the same position for an extended period of time. The nursing pillow fits comfortably and snugly around your waist. It will not move around the way a normal pillow does. This allows the baby to be positioned easily. Both the mother and baby will be very comfortable during the entire process. Also, as the baby grows and wants to be in an upright position, you can use a nursing pillow as a support until the child can sit up without any help.
The main benefit of sleeping bags specially designed for babies is temperature control. Many babies tend to move around a lot when they sleep. They push the covers away and end up spending most of the night uncovered. This could result in them catching a cold. There is also the possibility of the baby getting too far under the covers and overheating. Mothers need not be worried about these things any longer. The sleeping bag fits snugly around the baby’s shoulders. This ensures that the baby will stay warm throughout the night. They also work well when you travel with your baby. After a few nights, the baby becomes used to the feeling of the sleeping bag. When you are putting the baby in a different cradle or room, the baby will feel safe in the familiar environment of the sleeping bag.

When figuring out how to invent your baby product, you may face some obstacles along the way. This can cause you to lose time, energy and money in trying to get off the ground with a product, especially if you do not know how to invent on your own.  If you face any obstacles or are having a hard time inventing a product alone, keep in mind that there are inventing companies that can help.  One of the biggest obstacles most inventors must overcome when pursuing an idea is being willing to trust someone with their idea.  Make sure to do your research and choose an inventing company that has experience with developing products and getting them on store shelves.  Also make sure that the company will sign a Confidentiality Agreement to ensure that your idea is safe.

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Most Famous Educational Baby Toys

November 1, 2012

Parents want something for their child to play with that is both fun and educational. Throughout history, inventors have been creating toys that meet this need. There have been plenty of famous baby toys with educational value for a long time, and some people may not realize the sorts of things that have been invented for babies, and how easy it is to get started inventing an educational baby toy.

Even something simple like the toys that simply have babies put the round blocks in round holes and square blocks in the square holes is an educational toy that fascinates babies and starts teaching them about the world around them. Things like large puzzles that babies can put together is also something that keeps babies entertained and teaches them something. Simple things like these are always going to be exciting to babies, and it is something that inventors can keep in mind when they want to create something new. Inventors can always create a variation of something that already exists. They can improve it or combine it with something else to make something entirely new.

In the technological age, there are all sorts of new educational baby toys. As strange as it is to think about, apps for smart phones and tablet computers are often geared toward children. There are things like the leap pad that help children learn to read and they often have games geared toward very young children. There are things like the simple video games that enables gameplay with just a few pushes of a button. However, they can help a child learn to read and learn things like simple math. For really young babies, there are things like toys that have buttons that make animal noises. It teaches children about animals, and it is also fun for them. Even things like toys that allow babies to push it around can help them learn how to work and muscle coordination.

Things like this are something that people can continue to expand on, there are always things that they can create for babies that are both fun and educational. With the technological toys, there are an unlimited number of options that people can look into for inventing baby toys. Things like the leap pad were immensely popular, and there is a spot in the market for these. Not only that, but traditional baby toys will always be popular as well.

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Inventions That Make Feeding Babies Easier

October 26, 2012

Those who want to invent something for feeding babies need to take a look at what has been successful so far. There are a lot of obvious inventions that people can think of, but there are some newer and more innovative things that inventors can draw inspiration from. There are some things that people who have some medical background might be better with, but there are plenty of ideas that anybody could create. All people have to do is take the time to look at what is already out there and start inventing a great product for babies.

The most obvious feeding invention that people think of when it comes to feeding babies is the breast pump. There are always ways that people can improve upon inventions that already exist. They can make more efficient or easier to use versions of the product and these can be very popular for those who want to invent something new. Even things like baby formula were invented by somebody and the next inventor could always come up with a better quality baby formula. Finding new things that are healthy for babies to eat is always something that will be valuable to the market.

Feeding babies can mean a lot of things and people can invent different kinds of containers for storing baby food. Whether it is for storing baby food cans or a new container for parents to carry baby food with them, there are things like insulated lunch bags that can keep food at the right temperature, an inventor could create something like this made specifically for baby food. Even all in one diaper bags sometimes include things like this and inventors could improve upon these ideas for themselves.

Also, finding new ways to prepare food for children could help one create a breakthrough baby feeding invention. There are certain products that aid parents in making their own baby food. This is another invention that inventors could draw a lot of inspiration from.  These are all things that inventors can look at as successful inventions now that can be taken further for a new invention that makes feeding babies easier. Those who want to invent something great only need a great idea and the drive to carry it through in order to make it a great product.

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